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It Takes More Than Luck

Hi, Happy Readers!

play outside for more than 7 minutes a day

Last week I gave a challenge to you – help me prove that our American children get more than the “reported” National Average of 7 minutes a day outside.

I challenged you to get your kids outside for #morethan7minutes a day, take pictures of what you did, and post and tag the pictures on my Facebook and on Instagram.

I gave this challenge because I believe in the importance of time in nature, and I believe that you do too. We all know the importance of getting our children outside to play for #morethan7minutes. We know that it is valuable to their development and happiness, and so we do  our best to meet that goal as often as possible.

Meeting this goal will be easy for some people, and much harder for others, but I urge you to try it anyway. You might feel like some of us have an unfair advantage in our lifestyle or health or climate, and that your current situation prevents you from rising to this challenge. You might think that Luck is not on your side – maybe your neighborhood isn’t safe enough, your climate is too cold and wet, or someone in your family has health issues – but try anyway.

Try it anyway because Luck has nothing to do with it.

Why? Because it takes more than Luck to meet this goal. It takes an understanding of the value of this goal and a Spirit of Determination to follow through – no matter what.


I personally know of 2 families who do not have the Good Luck of health. In one family, the child suffers from a congenital birth defect that has her in the hospital more often than any child ought to be – yet they manage to spend more time outdoors than most families with no medical issues. In the second family, it is the mother who is affected. She faces a chronic pain condition to which there is no true diagnosis or treatment, only therapeutic management, and yet she finds a way to be outside with her kids almost all day, every day.

If Luck was all one needed to find ways to spend time outside, then these 2 families would never make it. But luckily, they don’t need Luck. {Ironic, huh?}

What makes these 2 families different from other families who don’t get outside enough? They understand the value of time outdoors and make a sincere effort to get their children outside as much as possible. To these families, spending time together outside in the fresh air and sunshine, isn’t just a privilege or a chore, it’s a Way of Life.

And a Way of Life can’t be stopped by a little thing called Bad Luck.

Bad Luck comes and goes, so does Good Luck for that matter. But who cares? For it takes more than Luck to get your kids outside for #morethan7minutes a day. It takes a true understanding of the value of meeting and exceeding this goal. It takes a commitment to doing the best you can for your family, and the determination to reach for that goal every day – despite any odds against you.

If you understand the value of spending time in nature with your family, you will not wait for Luck to arrive and show you the way, because you know you don’t need it. You will find your own way.

Luck is overrated. It’s your Spirit of Determination that matters most.

get outside with your kids

So, what are you waiting for? Not Luck I hope. GO!  Go outside!

Go Live…Life unScripted!





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